New short by Amat Escalante

Mercedes: a new short by Amat Escalante, with Jazkamer soundtrack.

Dog photo for Ambarchi, Haino and O’Rourke

The new Keiji Haino / Jim O’Rourke / Oren Ambarchi LP/CD on Black Truffle titled “Only Wanting To Melt Beautifully Away Is It A Lack Of Contentment That Stirs Affection For Those Things Said To Be As Of Yet Unseen” features my photo on the front. It’s a shot of a dog I took in Cambodia. Available from here and as with previous installments in this trio’s series highly recommended.


Design work: MoE “3” LP/CD/MC

I’ve designed the cover for the new album by the Norwegian band MoE. Their album “3” is being released by Fysisk Format in three formats: vinyl, CD and cassette. The vinyl is printed with silver pantone base, printed inner cover and has a copy of the CD included. The CD is a six-panel digipak with gold pantone base. The cassette has a different version of the artwork.

Order your format of choice from Fysisk Format.

And I interviewed MoE for the third issue of Personal Best. Still some copies left.

Oh, and great band (obviously).

MoE 3
MoE 3
MoE # CD

HELI in Germany

HELI - German release - 1st week

HELI is currently playing in Germany. Go see it.

RIP Kåre Kolberg

Sorry to hear about the passing of Norwegian composer Kåre Kolberg. I’m honored to have taken part in releasing his early electronic pieces on Prisma Records. We did two CDs and one LP with important pieces of Norwegian avant garde music history. Kolberg’s music holds up incredibly well today. Compared to his contemporary Arne Nordheim’s similar works of the same era (also recorded in the Warzaw electronic studios) Kolberg’s music is less romantic and has a more fierce modernist edge to it. When putting together the records Kolberg gave me his reel-to-reel machine, an item I value greatly. The man may be gone, but the music lives on.

Kåre Kolberg portrett

Recommended mail-order: Tedium House

Tedium House in San Francisco has excellent stock of most of the Pica Disk releases – including several sold-out-at-source titles, like my “Tapes 1990-1999″ box set. Tedium House also stocks tons of other interesting stuff, including copies of the legendary Bananafish magazine. Highly recommended.


New book on Marhaug Forlag: Anastasia Ax


HELI now playing in American cinemas


2012 interview video from Mexico

Lasse Marhaug en el nicho Aural #2 from el nicho experimental on Vimeo.

El Nicho Aural festival. Thanks to Eric Namour and his crew.

2009 > Merida, Mexico

Me and Nils Drønen. Jazkamer Mexico tour. Photo by John Hegre