September, 2017

Saltstraumen at Nødutgang

Tonight I’m presenting my 8-channel piece “Saltstraumen” at Nødutgangfestivalen 2017 festivalen here in Bodø. The piece uses source material recorded from the Saltstraumen strait just outside Bodø, which has one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. The piece was originally commissioned by and presented at Lampo in Chicago this February. I also did a 4-channel version of in New York at Blank Forms the following week. Big thanks to Ronny Wærnes, Gunhild Normann Christensen and the festival crew for making this Norwegian premiere possible.


RIP Folke Rabe

Sad to hear of the passing of Swedish composer/avant-garde artist Folke Rabe. He did a number of amazing things in his time, but his drone piece “What??” remains (together with Tony Conrad’s “Outside The Dream Syndicate” and Eliane Radigue’s “Trilogie De La Mort”) the pinnacle of long-form/drone music for me. It’s also one of the pieces of music I’ve listened to the most in my time, and the 1997 release on Jim O’Rourke and David Grubbs’ Dexter’s Cigar label is as close to I’ve ever come to wearing a CD out. I only met Mr Rabe once, in 2008 at Fylkingen in Sweden, when he presented a mind-blowing four-channel version of the piece. Together with Tommi Keränen I talked to him afterwards and he courteously told us the genesis of the piece (I later found he’d posted a detailed story on his website, no doubt after having fans like us pester him about it over the years). Here’s a blurry photo of Rabe from that evening, with his hand in two places at the same time. Another legend gone, but the music remains. Adieu.





Published November 2017
Format: 210 x 210 mm
120 pages

Comes with a 7″ single
Limited edtiion

Swedish saxophone player/improviser/ composer/music archivist Mats Gustafsson has worked in the outer regions of jazz, avant-garde, experimental rock and free improvisation for more than 35 years.

Gustafsson is also a passionate record collector who strongly believes that actively nurturing the urge to seek for rare and obscure vinyl is a gateway to higher musical knowledge – a knowledge that it is a musician’s duty to share. He has coined the term Discaholism – and on his website Discaholic Corner he interviews fellow artists who have the same urge to spend all their waking hours obsessing about music and records.

This book presents ten selected interviews with artists/record collectors: Brian Morton, Byron Coley, Dennis Lyxzén, Elena Wolay, Harald Hult, Henry Rollins, Oren Ambarchi, Paal Nilssen-Love, Thurston Moore and Robert Crumb.

Also included are 25 TOP 10 lists of Gustafsson’s personal vinyl obsessions; an in-depth interview with Gustafsson himself; numerous illustrations and photos; plus a one-sided 7” vinyl single with an exclusive new track recorded 2017, created using elements from Gustafsson’s record collection.

I am absolutely a “discaholic.” I never heard this term before. Did you invent it? It’s totally appropriate. I have it bad.
– Robert Crumb

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White Inferno reissue



OCCD31_COVER kopi 3

This is what I looked like in 1996. Young and serious about making a racket. And now my past comes to haut me, as Ukrainian label Old Captain Records is reissuing my Mother Savage Noise Productions “White Inferno” tape from 1996. The audio have been taken from the original DAT master tape and remastered. Also included is a compilation track from the same period. The CD is a six-panel reverse board digipak, and I’ve written liner notes, trying to make sense of it all. Available on CD and digital from this corner of the internet. I also got some copies available.

Some words on the reissue:

During a hellish blizzard in the winter of 1996 Norwegian noise artist Lasse Marhaug locks himself up in his home studio in Trondheim and records the harshest noise of his life. Marhaug’s attempt to obliterate the arctic climate with total sonic destruction fails, but the recorded onslaught results in the “White Inferno” cassette, released on Macronympha’s Mother Savage Noise Productions label. The material reflects Marhaug’s modus operandi at the time: dense analogue tape overload, and could be seen as a more bloody-minded sister-release to his better known “Science Fiction Room Service” album of the same year. Fast forward 21 years and Ukrainian Old Captain Records ask Marhaug to dig out the original master tapes from his mouldy archives and remaster it for a CD release. In the process an obscure piece recorded at the same sessions surfaces, previously issued on an Ecuadorian compilation cassette, but included here as a bonus. So if you wanted to know what Norwegian noise music sounded like 20+ years ago, here it is: “White Inferno”, remastered to maximum volume for a new generation of music fans to endure and enjoy. Co-produced with Portuguese finest label, Narcolepsia. 300 copies in a 6-panel uncoated Digipak.