English biography:

Lasse Marhaug (b. 1974) has since the early 1990s been one of the most active artists in the Norwegian noise/experimental music scene. As a performer and composer he has contributed to well over 300 CD, vinyl and cassette releases over the years, as well as extensive touring and performing live on all continents of the world. In addition to his solo work, Marhaug has collaborated with many artists in the fields of noise, experimental, improv, jazz, rock and extreme metal, as well as working with music and sound for theatre, dance, installations, cinema and video. In 1990 Marhaug ran the TWR Tapes and Jazzassin Records labels. In the 2000s he ran the record labels Pica Disk and Prisma Records. In 2011 he started his own print publishing Marhaug Forlag. He has also been active as an organizer, promoter, producer and visual artist. Marhaug was born and currently lives in Bodø, a city above the arctic circle in Norway.

Norsk biografi:

Lasse Marhaug (f. 1974) har siden starten av 90 tallet markert seg som en av de mest aktive i den mye omtalte norske støyscenen med et hundretalls plateutgivelser og en rekke turnèer bak seg. Han har vært aktiv både som soloartist og med forskjellige prosjekter. Marhaug har også gjort en drøss samarbeidsprosjekter med andre artister. Han har jobbet med musikk til dans, video og teater. Han driver plateselskapene Pica Disk og Prisma Records, samt bokforlaget Marhaug Forlag.