So this Sunday will be the premiere screening of my first three short films. It’s at Cinemateket i Oslo at Greg Pope’s The Dream That Kicks series. Kind of nuts to come out with three films at once, but I guess triplets are never planned, and kudos to Greg for pushing me to present it like this.

The first film is SOMETHING MUST HAPPEN, and it’s the “main” work of the three. I shot it in northern Norway, close to where I grew up, which a few hours drive north of the arctic circle. Put very simply it’s a mediation on a landscape, trying to make some observations on how it shaped what I do. Making the film was quite an elaborate process, as it was shot not just during winter, but when the weather was at its worst, often at night or early morning. I shot hours and hours of footage, failing more than succeeding, with a steep learning curve, but then made sense of it in the editing process, greatly helped by Jenny Hval’s text, which was read by Vivian Wang.

The film is as much about the sound as the images, and it ties in with a cycle of related works, variations on much of the same material. Already out is “The Death of the Noise Artist”, a multi-channel piece which was commissioned by Ilan Volkov and the Tectonics Music Festival in Glasgow last year, and have been presented several times since then (next up Le Guess Who? in Utrecht), but there’s also five limited edition physical releases – a cassette, a 10″, a 2xLP, a reel-to-reel and a CD – coming out shortly.

Also thanks to Svenn Jakobsen and Simon Ellegaard Ebbe for the surround mix. It’s made to be seen/heard in a cinema, so I won’t be putting it online anytime soon, but would be happy to have it screened anywhere with the right sound system.


Makro elva_00096 copy

Makro is_01268 copy

Slektninger_14 copy