UPDATE: This list and the prices are very out of date. In the coming months (summer of 2016) I will get a proper webshop up and running. If there’s anything you’re looking for please email me. Thank you.

Marhaug Forlag:
Personal Best #3 [fanzine] €10
Stunt Rock #1 [fanzine] €5
Lyttekunst [book] €20
Sudden Infant – Noise In My Head [book, second softcover edition] €20
Anastasia Ax: 1997–2007 [book] €30

Pica Disk:
Stine Janvin Motland: In Labour [CD] €15
Otomo Yoshihide/Paal Nilssen-Love/Lasse Marhaug: Explosion Course [LP] €20
Jim O’Rourke/Paal Nilssen-Love/Lasse Marhaug: The Love Robots [LP] €20
Hijokaidan: Polar Nights Live [CD] €10
Birchville Cat Motel: Gunpowder Temple of Heaven [CD] €10
Hild Sofie Tafjord: Kama [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Metal Music Machine 2 [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Matthew 28:17 [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Cover by Hair Stylistics [CD] €10
Jazkamer: We Want Epic Drama [CD] €10
Kevin Drumm: Necro Acoustic [5CD BOX-SET] €25
Jazkamer: Chestnut Thornback Tar [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Self Portrait [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Young Person’s Guide [4CD BOX-SET] €20
Government Alpha: Remembrance [4CD BOX-SET] €20
Maja S.K. Ratkje / Lasse Marhaug: Music For Gardening [CD] €10

Other labels:
Runhild Gammelsæter & Lasse Marhaug: Quantum Entanglement [LP] €12
Okkyung Lee/C.Spencer Yeh/Lasse Marhaug: Wake Up Awesome [LP] €12
Mats Gustafsson/Lasse Marhaug: The Oslo Tapes [LP] €12
Bruce Russell/Lasse Marhaug: Virginia Plane [Spring Press, LP] €12
Jojo Hiroshige/Marhaug/Nilssen-Love/Pika: Osaka Fortune [LP] €12
Pan Gu: Primeval Man Born of the Cosmic Egg [Utech Records, LP] €12
Lasse Marhaug/Human Inferno: split [LP] €10
Puma Marhaug: Fist Full of Knuckles [LP] €10
DEL: Five Dolls for an August Moon [LP] €15
Fire Room: Second Breath [Bocian Records, CD] €5
Fire Room: Second Breath [Bocian Records, LP] €15
Vassbotn: Noe å snakke om [cassette] €5
Kåre Kolberg: Electronic Works [Prisma Records, LP] €15
Merzbow: Live at Henie Onstad Art Center [Prisma Records, CD] €5
Lasse Marhaug: The Great Silence [CD] €5
Lasse Marhaug: Quality Control [CD] €5
Jazkamer: Balls the Size of Texas Live the Size of Brazil [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Chestnut Thornback Tar [Type Records, LP + CD] €15
Lasse Marhaug/Nils Henrik Asheim: Grand Mutation [Touch Music, CD] €10
John Wiese/Lasse Marhaug: Country and Western [CD] €10
Testicle Hazard: Everything Has Its Price [CD] €10
Andreas Meland/Lasse Marhaug: Brakage [CD] €10
Lasse Marhaug: It’s Not The End of the World [CD] €10
Kapotte Muziek/Origami Replika: Metamusikk [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Metal Music Machine [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Art Breaker [CD] €10
Egoproblem: Exit Tape Kill [CD] €10
Lasse Marhaug: Spaghetti Western Rainbow [CD] €10
Jazkamer: Eat Shit [CD] €10