Norway’s new national anthem


Metal and dark ambient musician Lasse Marhaug has collaborated with the likes of Sunn O))), Jenny Hval and Merzbow. He wrote this epic, incredible 37 min+ drone opus for his native Norway.

“Nations are defined borders set up to protect privileged people from less privileged people. National anthems are the collective dreams of those nations expressed by music. But, dreams can easily turn into nightmares. We don’t always appear as we wish. Good intentions can lead to disaster. This is my reworking of Norway’s national anthem ‘Ja vi elsker dette landet’ (which translates to: ‘Yes We Love This Country’). The original anthem was written long before Norway became one of the riches countries in the world because of its extraction of fossil fuel, so I feel it’s time for an update. This is a dystopian version of Norway drowning in an avalanche of natural disasters brought on by the amount of oil we’ve pumped into the world. Not something to be proud of – and I hope that in a generation’s time this version will feel outdated and considered a relic from a time when we just didn’t know what we were doing.” – Lasse Marhaug